Province of the Anglican Church of South Sudan

His Grace, the Most Rev. John M. Thon Archbishop of the Anglican Church of South Sudan visited Northern Uganda where most South Sudanese refugees camp especially Nyumanzi, Ayillo, Olwa, Kakuma among other areas.

He was accompanied by Bishop Elijah Abuoi (Wernyol Diocese), Bishop Daniel Dau (Kongor Diocese) and Bishop David Manyok (Duk Diocese) where they held prayer sessions and encrouage the community to live in peace and harmony with the hope to return home when peace prevails.

His Grace urged the christians to develop an inward passion and fearless to reach the lost souls for his glory and also lead people who are still in the bondage of darkness to know the path to Christ, the redemptive death of Christ on the cross he has paid the price with his own blood, that he has given us an assurance of salvation which we did not work for.

During His Grace visit to both refugees camps of Uganda and Kenya, the following issues were identified as some were raised by the South Sudanese population there.

Many women, the elderly and children have found themselves socially disoriented and psychologically destabilized. On the other hand, people have lost hope, and lived in frustration lives because of the miserable life they had undergone, due to loss of every things, their homes were burnt down to ashes, cattle had gone and have lost their beloved relatives.

Some of the major challenges seen during the visit included lack of chances for the refugee students to further their education in universities and colleges due to no scholarship and as the situation deteriorate in South Sudan, family members are unable to support their children financially.

Anglican Church continues to pray for peace to prevail and security to be restored so that each and every individual displaced from their homes could once again return home.

The church is concern about the future of young generations in South Sudan who were born in the bush and don`t have chance to go to back to the Country for many decades of the civil war. We do pray that this children and people will eventually return home once more when peace and stability reign in the Country.

God will make things happen.